Daily Archives: July 4, 2019

New technologies are gearing up to find fugitive methane leaks

A fixed-wing UAV screening system being launched from a catapult. Credit: The Conversation A suite of new technologies may soon be patrolling for fugitive —invisible but harmful —natural gas leaks from the oil and gas sector. Our recent study suggests that drones, aircraft, trucks, fixed sensors and even satellites may …

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Facebook services back online after worldwide outage

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Facebook said it was “back at 100 percent” Wednesday evening after an outage on all of its services affected users in various parts of the world. Online monitoring service DownDetector reported earlier the outage began around 1200 GMT and affected Facebook as well as its Instagram …

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DNA origami to scale-up molecular motors

Mixing DNA-modified microtubules, DNA origami and kinesin linkers leads to star-like formations of microtubules that are connected by kinesin linkers. This network contracted dynamically when ATP energy was added. Credit: Matsuda K. et al., Nano Letters, April 30, 2019 Researchers have successfully used DNA origami to make smooth-muscle-like contractions in …

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